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2 days
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*Note: All-inclusive packages exclude airfare and some select fees

All you need to know

Faculty-Led Programs

T&E works directly with both faculty and/or study abroad offices to help institutions provide students with programs that will suit their specific needs regardless of discipline. Read More

Faculty Development Programs

We are committed to the advancement of the faculty of our partnering institutions. We have developed a 2-Week T&E Exclusive Faculty Development Course that offers instruction in cutting edge topics such as the use of technology in the classroom and new and proven methods in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Site Reviews

As part of the 2-Week T&E Exclusive Faculty Development Course, or as a separate trip, T&E provides a built in site-review component that is noninvasive and provides exposure to key elements of our study abroad programs so that Spanish language faculty/advisors can experience the program as participants in their own T&E program.

How can I get a scholarship?

Travel & Education offers scholarships to faculty that come from institutions that are interested in launching affordable short and long term programs in a traditional Spanish setting. At this time, T&E scholarships offered specifically for Spanish language faculty as part of the T&E Faculty Development Course option (more information here). In order to be considered for scholarship you must submit the following via e-mail by early November:

  1. Complete Scholarship Application
  2. Essay (Minimum 500 words- see application for more details)
  3. A letter from the academic institution with which you are employed confirming your position with them as well as number years employed (minimum 2 yrs). They must also state their support for your intent to launch a study abroad program at their institution through T&E during the following academic term.

If you are not a Spanish language faculty, you may qualify to take part in a 2-day site review that would cover transfers to the program site, accommodation, and meals as well as a personalized tour and program review for the specific dates you choose (here for more information).

Do a lot of students travel abroad?

Each year more than a quarter of a million American students decide to continue their education abroad!

Why should I choose T&E ?

  1. As an organization of academic institutions that represents world-renowned universities, Travel & Education offers the most value for your dollar.
  2. We have the best location and contacts in Spain.
  3. Our team has the advantage of:
    • extensive international experience,
    • close relationships with the university, and
    • dedication to giving you the best possible experience in your home away from home.
  4. In addition, we offer a schedule full of socio-cultural activities, ranging in diversity and intensity, thus facilitating and reinforcing the immersion and interaction with the international component of our unique programs that include students from all over the world.

How do I know Salamanca is the best choice?

  1. Salamanca is located in the Castilla y León Region, which is the birthplace of the Spanish language.
  2. Spain is the top study abroad destination among Spanish-speaking countries.
  3. The Castilla y León Region is considered to have the “purest” Spanish, backed by the Royal Spanish Academy.
  4. It provides the comforts of a first-world country in a historic setting.
  5. Spain is considered the third most desirable country to live based on standard of living, health, and economy.
  6. About 60% of the country’s artistic and cultural heritage is found in Castilla y León.
  7. Spanish culture has a global influence on art, architecture, and literature.

How can I obtain credits for studying through T&E?

  1. Each course taken will count for a number of academic credits.
  2. Upon the successful completion of a T&E program, we will issue an official transcript which lists all coursework.
  3. T&E will send the university and T&E center transcript to the appropriate office at the student’s home institution in the U.S., along with a cover letter that translates the transcript and provides a suggested grade conversion scale.

What extra services do you provide?

Besides the incredible academic support features that are already included with our program,

  1. We can connect you with quality organizations and leading businesses for internships.
  2. We have specialty programs for Medical and Business students.
  3. We have great extended stay options, if you decide you need more experience or more credits.
  4. We offer 24-hour emergency services with contacts in both the U.S.A. and Spain.

How extensive is T&E's academic support system?

  • T&E provides support to students before, during, and after their study abroad program.
  • Our advisors can help prospective students find the program that best fits their academic needs and goals.
  • While abroad, students enjoy the help and guidance of T&E’s on-site resident staff members, all of whom hold advanced degrees.
  • After the end of the program, students may contact T&E with questions about transferred credits, insurance claims, additional transcript requests, and alumni relations.

Have you decided? Contact us for questions.