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T&E has opened the door of opportunity for you and/or the study abroad office in your institution, to customize programs for students that will suit your specific needs regardless of discipline.

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  • Location: Salamanca, Spain

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Fields of Study
Popular Programs
What's Included?

Fields of Study

As a customized program, our city and region offer excellent resources for programs in:

  • Language/Culture (Oldest university in Spain)
  • History (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Tourism (7000 international students visit annually)
  • Medicine (3 large hospitals and numerous health clinics)
  • Business (numerous major industries in the region including the auto industry, communications, fashion, horticultural and gastronomic)
Horse Riding

Popular Programs

We will help you, the Faculty, design a custom program just for your needs. There are various design options that faculty can consider when designing a program. The following are suggestions based on the most common faculty-led designs:

  1. Simple Credit Transfer: This option takes the transcript from the host institution in Spain to award the student transfer credits.
  2. Course Articulation: This design permits courses that are taught in the host institution to be linked with specific course numbers at the student’s home institution.
  3. “Teacher on record”: This design would permit visiting faculty from the home institution to teach certain predetermined courses on-site via direct classroom instruction or through online systems (or a combination of both) while the group is abroad.
  4. Combined or customized: Faculty can combine different designs or customize their own design to suit their particular needs and to fit the requirements of their particular institutions.


Should your institution be interested in pursuing a faculty-led program or would like a list of faculty references, please contact T&E at admin@travelandeducation.org or 1-866-559-0235 and to speak to management.

You can also join our T&E Faculty Development Forum on Facebook via this link to reach out to past and current faculty who have worked with T&E.

What's Included?

Listed in a section at the bottom of this page, you will find that T&E includes many benefits with each program. We will take care of you pre-departure, while you are there, and even after you’ve returned.

Request More Information

T&E is happy to provide any information that will help you, your institution, or your students make a decision about our programs.

Just fill out the contact form and message us for information like:

  1. Request brochures
  2. Request an information session
  3. Transcript instructions
  4. Request additional information on customized or Faculty-Led Programs
  5. … Any other information/materials that you would like!

Included in all T&E Faculty-Led Programs:


  • One-on-one faculty/advisor counseling in program design
  • Free proposals that are flexible and customizable.
  • Assistance with group flight reservations: If needed, T&E works with a partnering third party agency to facilitate group travel on the same flight at discounted prices.
  • Help with administrative approval process.
  • Organized information sessions for interested parties prior to enrollment on-site or via preferred video platform.
  • Promotional materials to help recruit students
  • Program administration of student files: faculty and/or study abroad offices will be provided with access to student rosters in real time whereby a current list of enrolled students can be verified while also providing accessibility to complete student files at all times without having to contact T&E.
  • Invoicing. Invoicing can be customized single invoicing to the institution or individualized invoicing to each students or a combined systems can be used depending on the needs of each institution.
  • Value-added benefits for groups which include waivers, discounts and early bird saving opportunities for new and loyal partners and their students.
  • Assistance with student placements via online placement test which provide levels within 24 hours.
  • Complete pre-departure program including email/phone communications to support the program and student preparations as well as pre-departure orientations on-site or via preferred video platform.
  • Student advising and/or parent orientation through the services of our US offices via phone, email or fax before, during and after the program period.

On-site: In Spain

All general benefits as listed here for both students and faculty PLUS…

  • Assigned point person and group coordinator for the duration of the program,
  • Emergency contact numbers for US and Spain for the duration of the program period,
  • Private accommodations (with private bath),
  • Use of office space (computer, phone and fax),
  • Use of classroom space for teaching or for general group meetings,
  • Social networking program with other visiting faculty,
  • Disciplinary and safety controls for all students.
  • Both local and additional comprehensive study abroad insurance all students.
  • Opportunity to take part in faculty development program (dates permitting).

Post-program: Back in the U.S.

  1. Transcript or certificate submittal to appropriate departments as specified in the pre-departure stages.
  2. Post-program language evaluations (by request)
  3. Student and faculty evaluations to be completed online facilitate T&E self-evaluations in implementing program improvements if necessary.

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