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T&E’s programs includes the following medical and safety benefits that are available to every student to make sure they feel secure and have immediate access to healthcare attention:

• 24-hour emergency service and contact numbers both in the US and Abroad.
• Dedicated T&E Staff and Program Coordinators who are on call 24/7 should any need of medical attention arise.
• Local Medical and Accident Insurance included in all of our programs.
• Mandatory Comprehensive Study Abroad Insurance offered through contracted group coverage. Read More
• Students Orientation that highlights safety-procedures as well as providing cultural training so each individual can be well prepared to avoid unwanted and unsafe situations.
• T&E offers accommodations with reputable families and residence halls with outstanding ratings all within 15 minutes walking distance from any T&E program activity.
• T&E has long standing agreements with the most reputable bus lines in the region with whom we contract private transfers to and from the airport and excursion locations.
• T&E provides informaton for an emergency evacuation should the need arise. For peace of mind, please refer to that plan, at this link.

Should a serious situation arise it is important to know that, due to the strong local presence of our organization in Spain, T&E staff can respond immediately to crisis situations both physically through an immediate presence and officially through the proper authorities both locally and at the national level.

You can find information on travel alerts via this link for the U.S. Department of State.

Extended Info

Preventative Measures

While Travel & Education is firmly committed to the safety and security of each individual who participates in our program, we also emphasize to students, faculty, and parents that all program participants must take responsibility for their own safety and security. This is largely stressed in our communications prior to programs start dates as well as during the orientation in Salamanca and throughout the students’ stay. Some of the most important and emphasized points are the following:

Be Alert

• Use common sense and be aware of your surroundings
• Consume alcohol in moderation and be aware of where your glass is at all times
• Do not consume drugs
• Do not leave with strangers
• Always go out at night with other people
• Utilize the T&E contact numbers should you feel uncomfortable or unsafe

About Our Staff

Travel and Education employs a staff of full-time, English-speaking Coordinators who will be in constant contact with the students. Each student and group with have a dedicated Coordinator who will be available to them should anything happen. Each of these Coordinators, whether native Spaniards or US Coordinators in Spain, receive extensive training on T&E Procedures which include a strict chain communication so that any emergencies are immediately addressed and that both the staff in Spain and the US can react accordingly.

Medical Insurance


A general medical and accident insurance policy is provided as part of the quoted program fees ofr the duration of the program while the participant is on Spanish soil. We also provide an additional comprehensive mandatory insurance policy which covers the following for an additional fee for which the participant will be billed separately:


• Medical expenses
• Emergency medical evacuation
• Trip Cancellation and interruption
• Accidental death and dismemberment
• Repatriation of remains