Safety & Medical


A general medical and accident insurance policy is provided as part of the quoted program fees for the duration of the program while the participant is on Spanish soil. We also provide an additional comprehensive mandatory insurance policy which covers the following for an additional fee for which the participant will be billed separately:

Accidental death and dismemberment
Medical expenses
Repatriation of remains
Emergency medical evacuation
Trip cancellation and interruption

If you are participating in a short term program, the insurance card will be provided for you approximately 2 weeks before departure via email. If you are enrolled in a long-term program, the insurance information is provided with an advance confirmation payment for purposes of obtaining a visa if necessary. Although this insurance is mandatory for all students, some students who are part of a home university program through T&E may not be provided with this coverage due to the existence of a home university insurance policy. This can only be authorized by the university with which T&E has a contracted program. Individual participants may not opt out of this mandatory coverage.

In USA:    (410) 453 6330
In Spain:    (+34) 900 984 467

Extensions for medical coverage can be made for an additional fee if students plan to be abroad before or after the program period. Prior to arrival, students must submit their medical history to T&E so that our staff can be prepared to accommodate any health concerns. T&E’s resident staff is equipped to help students receive quality medical care in the event of illness or injury, and all personal medical history will be kept confidential.

The health and personal safety of our students is of the utmost importance to T&E. Prior to the start of the program, students receive an orientation handbook which contains safety information pertinent to Spain, as well as tips for integration into the local culture. Once in Spain, our resident staff conducts an orientation to welcome students to Spain and to discuss certain cultural expectations, safety concerns, and guidelines for daily living in Spain.

The resident staff is also in close contact with the U.S. Embassy in Spain and is ready to respond to any relevant situations that might arise. T&E also closely follows the guidelines of the U.S. State Department and will aid students returning to the US in case of a crisis.

Finally, T&E’s resident staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help any student in the event of an emergency while abroad. T&E will provide students with the necessary telephone numbers prior to departure as well as during on-site orientation sessions.


It is important for T&E participants to understand that T&E staff in Philadelphia is in close and constant contact with T&E staff in Spain on a daily basis covering all aspects of planning for each and every program participant. Due to the nature of this organization having its headquarters in Spain, T&E can respond quickly and efficiently to any situations that may arise whether it be an inconvenience such as loosing luggage, a plane ticket or passport or in more serious instances where the situation represents an immediate threat to a student or staff member’s health and/or safety. Fortunately the latter are a rare occurrences, however in the event that such an occurrence should arise, T&E has developed a system of communication from a detailed pre-departure orientation in written form as well as regular communication and support from our Philadelphia office followed by a detailed orientation program upon arrival in Spain. In both instances students are provided with important contact information (addresses and phone numbers) for local authorities as well as local T&E staff who are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. T&E staff in Philadelphia are also available for any pre-departure needs everyday of the week during normal business hours and 24 hours during the week prior to departure for our upcoming programs. During student orientations in the host country, each T&E participant is provided with the following items to help in emergency situations:

  • A full orientation program including a 2 hour oral presentation on the important aspects of Spanish life followed by a practical tour of the city in which students are provided with information where to find funds, pharmacies, food and other practicalities.
  • Official T&E ID’s which contain the student’s name and picture and important contact numbers and addresses in Spain for the student, and any individual who is in their presence, for ease of communication with the proper parties.
  • Mobile phones are given to each participant for local use with an initial courtesy credit should they need to communicate with T&E staff or the authorities.

Should a serious situation arise it is important to know that, due to the strong local presence of our organization in Spain, T&E staff can respond immediately to crisis situations both physically through an immediate presence and officially through the proper authorities both locally and at the national level. The resident staff is also in close contact with the U.S. Embassy in Spain and is ready to respond to any relevant situations that might arise. T&E also closely follows the guidelines of the U.S. State Department and will aid students returning to the US in case of a crisis. Students, parents, or institutions who need urgent assistance outside of regular office hours can contact T&E staff through the following emergency contact information?