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As an organization based in Spain and supported by the local regional government as an official study abroad provider for the region of Castilla y León, T&E is able to offer the highest quality academic options at affordable prices with unsurpassed attention to our students, partnering institutions and faculty.

Here you will have access to information that will help advisors and faculty when providing direction to students who wish to study in Spain for credit. It is strongly suggested that students consult with Spanish language faculty as well as with the institution’s registrar’s office to determine courses to take and transfer of credits procedure BEFORE taking a study abroad program for credit.

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Short-Term Programs
Long-Term Programs
Transcripts and Certificates

Short-Term Programs

Our short-term programs provide up to 6 credits and offer a variety of courses for Spanish language and cultural immersion. Although summer time is the most popular time to travel abroad, students may also travel any time of the year, beginning on the first of every month.

Short-Term University Programs

You can read more details about our short-term programs for University Students, by visiting that page on our site.

Short-Term High School Programs

You can read more details about our short-term programs for High School Students, by visiting that page on our site.

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Long-Term Programs

Modular Program: 

This semester option provides from 9 credits in the fall to 12 credits in the spring and offers a variety of Spanish language and cultural immersion courses including some specialized courses in business and medicine. Students have the option of adding courses for an additional fee upon request. Intermediate level of proficiency required.

Integrated Studies Program: 

This semester option to study alongside Spanish university students provides the student an opportunity to choose from over 900 courses through a wide variety of disciplines. It is important to review the following check list to determine if this is the appropriate program for your student.

Advisor check list for Integrated study program:

  • Faculty and advisors must properly assess the language proficiency of students who are considering this option in order to successfully complete courses within their line of study alongside their Spanish counterparts in a Spanish university, US students must have ADVANCED or SUPERIOR proficiency in the Spanish language.
  • Faculty and advisors should determine any necessary courses that the student must take in order to fulfil the desired credit requirements in their specific course of study.
  • Contact T&E to work with our knowledgeable and experienced staff to determine equivalent courses at the host institutionT&E staff will then provide appropriate syllabi and course descriptions for those courses and provide a tentative schedule of classes (days and times). The university offers over 900 courses from which to choose.
Combined Modular / Integrated: 

The combined Modular and Integrated programs allows students to enroll in the Modular program while taking one (1) or two (2) courses from the Integrated program. With this option, students will enroll in the Modular program and take Spanish language and cultural immersion courses alongside other international students while being allowed the opportunity to take some courses with Spaniards in the general university course offerings.

The student and advisor would need to work closely with T&E staff to determine the best course options that fit the students’ needs. They must also arrange a schedule that works for both the Modular and Integrated courses that are chosen to ensure that no overlaps or conflicts exist. Please contact T&E at or 1-866-559-0235 with any questions you may have concerning this option.

Semester Programs

To read more about our semester programs, visit our Programs Page for University Students.

Year Programs

To read more about our year-long programs, visit our Programs Page for University Students.

Transcripts and Certificates

All T&E short and long term programs are certified through official transcripts from Spanish academic institutions which provide course, hours completed and grade earned.

Due to the fact that T&E is a Spanish based organization, the turnaround time is shortened allowing students and administrators to process credit transfers in a more timely manner.

  1. Official transcripts and certificates provided to T&E within 2 WEEKS after student’s completion of their program.
  1. Transcripts are mailed within 4 to 5 WEEKS from program completion.
  1. Additional transcripts can be requested via email at by referencing the month and year of study and the student’s full name. There is a $35 charge for each additional transcript.


Travel & Education is firmly committed to the safety and security of each individual who participates in our programs. Below are a list of steps taken by T&E designed to enhance our ability to reduce the risk to students and faculty while abroad.

Safety & Medical

You can access further details on this subject by visiting our Safety & Medical page.

  • Travel & Education employs a staff of full-time, English-speaking Coordinators offering constant two-way communication through provided Spanish mobile phones prior to departure.
  • Travel & Education training procedures include a strict chain of communication in emergency situations to ensure immediate and appropriate reactions.
  • Travel & Education, in partnership with on-site academic institutions, have a plan of action in place for situations of national security or natural disasters (access our plan here).
  • Travel & Education provides a full orientation that includes instruction in good practices helping students ensure their own safety and security.
  • Travel & Education provides a local medical insurance included in all of our programs.
  • Travel & Education offers a comprehensive insurance plan that covers major medical, trip cancelation / interruption and much more including faculty replacement for faculty-led programs (access our policy here).

Looking For More Information?

Please feel free to contact us with any special requests such as receiving brochures, course syllabi, scheduling an information session, transcript instructions, etc.