Advantages of Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad

Immersion in the language is the best way to develop proficiency. Studying abroad is safe, it’s tested, plus you get the added bonus of academic credits and international experience.

Earn Credits

T&E will issue an official transcript to your home institution for all completed coursework. But be sure to check with your institution for compliance prior to selecting your courses.


Spanish is the second most spoken language in international communication and business, and is one of the fastest growing in the world, especially in the U.S.


Spain is the #1 destination and is considered to have the “purest” Spanish and is the top study abroad destination among Spanish-speaking countries.


What are the benefits to studying abroad?

  1. International experience is valued by employers in all fields.
  2. Increase the value of language skills through international experience.
  3. Immersion in the language is the best way to develop proficiency.
  4. Companies need more employees with global awareness and cultural sensitivity.
  5. Equip yourself with the tools you need: Adaptability, Self- Confidence, Understanding, Maturity.
  6. Expand your cultural horizons.
  7. Lack of high quality talent that can operate in multiple cultures is cited as the greatest challenge facing global organizations.
  8. Adaptability to global changes will give you the necessary edge in the job market.

Do a lot of students travel abroad?

Each year more than a quarter of a million American students decide to continue their education abroad!

Why is Spanish the best choice for me?

1. Spanish is the third most widely spoken language in the world.
2. The US has the 2nd largest Spanish-speaking population in the world.
3. The Spanish language is spoken in 21 countries.
4. Spanish is the second most spoken language in international communication and business.
5. Bilingualism is among the top skills employers search for when hiring.
6. The Spanish-speaking population is one of the fastest growing in the world, especially in the US.

How is Spain the top destination for the Spanish Language?

1. Spain is the top study abroad destination among Spanish-speaking countries
2. Castilla y León is the birthplace of the Spanish language, and the focus point of T&E programs.
3. The “purest” Spanish is spoken in Castilla y León, backed by the Royal Spanish Academy.
4. It provides the comforts of a first-world country in a historic setting.
5. Spain is considered the third most desirable country to live based on standard of living, health, and economy.
6. About 60% of the country’s artistic and cultural heritage is found in Castilla y León.
7. Spanish culture has a global influence on art, architecture, and literature.

Is T&E a dedicated organization just for Spain?

Yes. We focus on one area to provide the best quality and pricing.
1. As an organization of academic institutions that represents world-renowned universities, Travel & Education offers participants the most value for their dollar.
2. Our team has the advantage of: extensive international experience, close relationships with universities, and dedication to giving you the best possible experience in your home away from home.
3. In addition, we offer a schedule full of socio-cultural activities, ranging in diversity and intensity, thus facilitating and reinforcing the immersion and interaction with the international component of our unique programs that include students from all over the world.

How extensive is T&E's academic support system for students?

1. T&E provides support to students before, during, and after their study abroad program.
2. Our advisors can help prospective students find the program that best fits their academic needs and goals.
3. While abroad, students enjoy the help and guidance of T&E’s on-site resident staff members at anytime, all of whom hold advanced degrees.
4. After the end of the program, students may contact T&E with questions about transferred credits, insurance claims, additional transcript requests, and alumni relations.

How can I get credits for studying abroad with T&E?

1. At the time of application, T&E asks that all students receive academic approval from an advisor at their home institution. We advise students of the importance of meeting their institution’s internal requirements for studying abroad and of receiving pre-approval for the classes they plan to take while in a T&E program.
2. Upon the successful completion of a T&E program, we will issue an official transcript which lists all coursework. T&E will send the university and T&E center transcript to the appropriate office at the student’s home institution in the U.S., along with a cover letter that translates the transcript and provides a suggested grade conversion scale.

T&E program packages are all-inclusive?!

Yes! You can read more about what is included by scrolling down to the all-inclusive study abroad program section. Please note, however, that airfare and some select fees are not included.

What’s Included?

All-Inclusive benefits that come with every T&E program


T&E Acceptance and Orientation Packet with gifts upon inscription


Full on-site orientation program when you arrive

Welcome Party

A reception dinner will be held upon arrival


Official transcripts issued by Spanish Universities

Travel Assistance

Airport transfers for pick-up and drop-off as well as pre-departure information and assitance with toll-free number


Students will be provided with three meals a day


Your choice of homestay or residence hall

Free Internet

Access to computer labs with free Wifi in all T&E academic facilities


A general medical and accident insurance policy is provided

Free Entry

Various excursions to historically significant locations, as well as entrances to important Spanish monuments

ID Cards

Each student with be provided with ID cards that are eligible for shopping discounts


Laundry services once a week

Cell Phone

Spanish Cell Phone (an obligatory benefit, which we are sure you will find useful)

24/7 Services

Services of a T&E on-site coordinator available 24 hours


T&E emergency contact services in both the U.S. and Spain


A wide range of unique social and cultural activities that the T&E staff develops in order to maximize cultural immersion


Classes held at prestigious universities and institutions of Spain


All course materials are provided by T&E a no cost to you

Support Facilities

Full on-site staff and office facilities equipped with computers and media resources

Farewell Party

A farewell dinner will be held upon departure

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