Academic Year


for University Students

  • Consult brochure
  • 4-7 Courses
  • 21-27 Credits
  • 315-405 Contact Hours
  • U.S. Academic Calendar
  • The language level for the Modular International Student Program is from intermediate to advanced Spanish. This program is designed so that you can choose your own individual coursework (2 min per semester, and 3 max for fall or 4 max for spring) from the list provided by T&E as well as study alongside other bilingual international students.
  • Consult brochure
  • 4-8 Courses
  • 16-32 Credits
  • 240-480 Total Hours
  • Mixed Schedule
  • Combination Courses* are allowed between the Modular International Program and Integrated Studies with Spaniards Program – however flexibility is required to accommodate course requirements between the two academic calendars in Spain and the U.S.

*Note: Combination Courses can be helpful for students transitioning between an intermediate and advanced level of Spanish language proficiency. You can contact an advisor or send us your questions by visiting our contact page.

All you need to know about Year Programs

Need advice?

We have advisors on staff who are ready to discuss your personal needs. Reach out through our Contact Page today.

Flexible Scheduling System

We take pride in our ability to customize a course schedule for you! We understand there are a lot of options, but choosing the right one can help you succeed.

What's Included?

  1. T&E On-site coordinator available 24hrs
  2. Classes at the University of Salamanca plus all course materials
  3. Official transcripts issued by the university
  4. Housing choice of Homestay or Residence Hall
  5. Airport transfer (pick-up and drop-off)
  6. Three meals a day
  7. Laundry services once a week
  8. Access to computer labs with free Wifi in all T&E academic facilities
  9. Welcome & farewell dinners upon arrival and departure
  10. A variety of social and cultural activities
  11. Several excursions to historically significant locations
  12. Medical insurance
  13. Spanish Cell Phone
  14. Student ID Cards eligible for shopping discounts

Admission Requirements

  1. Meet with Advisor about your interest and get approval. Go over the appropriate steps to apply for the Study Abroad program.
  2. Decide on courses. Review course descriptions and sign up for courses.
  3. Meet with Financial Aid. Inform department of your interest in studying abroad with Travel & Education. Inquire about their requirements for paying with Financial Aid.
  4. Apply to programs. Choose from Short-term, Semester or Year Programs.

For all levels of Spanish proficiency, students must have a 2.50 GPA. All students must take a Spanish language placement exam upon arrival in Salamanca. The exam will determine the language proficiency level of each student, as well as the courses in which the student is eligible to enroll.

Program Dates

Please contact T&E for Fall and Spring dates

National Holidays & Breaks

Please be aware that during the course of the semester you may experience some days when there will be no classes held at your chosen host institution due to breaks and holidays.

Having advanced notice of these dates may help in planning any extra-curricular activities or personal travel during your time in Spain to help enhance your overall experience. If you need any assistance in making plans to travel please contact us for suggestions or help with logistics.

National & Local Holidays

  • September 8th
  • August 15th
  • October 12th
  • November 1st
  • December 6th and 8th
  • Mid – December to early January – Christmas break
  • January 28th
  • Late March to early April – Semana Santa break
  • June 12th

Prior to Booking any Flights, Please Note


Please see important information on transportation in application contract before booking any flights.

We understand that you may be eager to find flights once you have enrolled in the program however we urge you to follow the guidelines provided below to ensure that you receive the full benefits of your chosen T&E program:

  • Do not book flights prior to receiving official acceptance letter and official program start dates from T&E
  • Avoid flights that arrive in Madrid later than 10am Madrid time (Spain is 6/9 hours ahead)
  • Do not book flights that depart Madrid before 1pm Madrid time

Checklist for Visa Requirements

A valid passport is required for all Study-Abroad travel (please visit for more information). Everyone who will participate in our T&E Travel Abroad Spain program has the responsibility of obtaining a valid passport.

  • For students staying in Spain for more than 90 calendar days a travel visa will be required. (We listed a checklist below)
  • For federal information concerning passport and visa applications visit:

Note: Generally the fall semester falls short, however if you plan to extend your stay, or are studying during the spring semester you will need to obtain a visa in order to take part in our semester programs.

(Although T&E does not get involved directly in this process as it is the sole responsibility of the individual participants, you can view a checklist below:

  • Complete and sign T&E Application/Contract with semester program choice.
  • Send in registration fee of $95 as well as $495 confirmation payment with your completed application at least 3 months before your program start date.
  • Once application is sent, make an appointment with the closest Spanish Embassy to your home city. See following website for details regarding embassy locations and general visa requirements.
  • Notify T&E via email at once you have scheduled an appointment with the date established and the address of your chosen Spanish Embassy site in the US.
  • Obtain official acceptance letter from T&E for presentation at your scheduled embassy appointment.
  • Obtain official certificate through T&E from your chosen host institution for presentation at your scheduled embassy appointment.
  • Obtain proof of comprehensive insurance coverage through T&E from 3rd party provider for presentation at your scheduled embassy appointment.)


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