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Timing is Everything

The best time to expose children to new languages is during the age when their brains are most “plastic” allowing for the greatest absorption of new concepts, ideas and thoughts. It is also a time when children tend to be less judgmental or self-conscious (lending itself to experimentation) and are open to and more accepting of the people, things and places they come in contact with on a daily basis.

Children Learning Another Language

Not only are children more able and willing to learn another language, but research has shown that learning a second language at a young age presents advantages that stretch far beyond the mere ability to speak a foreign language. Children who learn a new language by the end of their middle school years have a distinct advantage in various aspects of cognitive development which have been proven time after time by experts across various disciplines.



We are excited to be one of the only organizations offering true study abroad experiences to Jr. High students through programs that mimic our immersion programs at the high school and university levels.

We look forward to speaking with you about how your school can become a partner in this wonderful endeavor. Please provide us with your contact information to explore the possibilities through T&E.
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Top 6 Reasons for Students to Start Young

  1. The most obvious advantage would be that they have a longer period of time during which they can achieve native-like fluency in the target language.
  2. Children who learn a foreign language are proven to also be more advanced in their own native language learning abilities and resultant proficiency.
  3. They have been found to do consistently better in standardized tests than their monolingual counterparts in both English and math.
  4. They become more flexible and creative thinkers and therefore become better problems solvers. 
  5. They become more accepting of the “other” meaning they tend to be less judgmental of people who do not come from the same country, speak the same language or have the same background as them.
  6. Being fluent in another language early will give students a head start, open doors and increase opportunities in college programs as well as future employment.

Advisors and Faculty

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