for University Students


4 week
Cost Saver ProgramStarting at $3,595
  • 3 Courses
  • 6 Credits
  • 80 Total Hours
  • Our Cost-Saver Program is for any level of language proficiency and offers a variety of courses to choose from. Choosing this program will give you 4 learning hours every day, 5 days a week.
4 week
Language InstituteStarting at $2,850
  • 3 Courses
  • 6 Credits
  • 80 Total Hours
  • This program is an option for students who seek a lower priced program but still receive the same course work as the University of Salamanca program. Transcripts will be issued from the Language Institute (*University of Salamanca transcripts can be requested and subject to a fee).


2 week
Cost SaverStarting at $2,510
  • 3 Courses
  • 3 Credits
  • 40 Total Hours
  • Our Cost-Saver Program is for any level of language proficiency and offers a variety of courses to choose from. Choosing this program will give you 4 learning hours every day, 5 days a week.

All you need to know about Short-Term Programs

Need advice?

We have advisors on staff who are ready to discuss your personal needs. Reach out through our Contact Page today.

Flexible Scheduling System

We take pride in our ability to customize a course schedule for you! We understand there is a lot you want to squeeze into a short term program, so let us help you decide what your schedule should include.

What's Included?

  1. T&E On-site coordinator available 24hrs
  2. Classes at the University of Salamanca plus all course materials
  3. Official transcripts issued by the university
  4. Housing choice of Homestay or Residence Hall
  5. Airport transfer (pick-up and drop-off)
  6. Three meals a day
  7. Laundry services once a week
  8. Access to computer labs with free Wifi in all T&E academic facilities
  9. Welcome & farewell dinners upon arrival and departure
  10. A variety of social and cultural activities
  11. Several excursions to historically significant locations
  12. Medical insurance
  13. Spanish Cell Phone
  14. Student ID Cards eligible for shopping discounts

Admission Requirements

  1. Meet with Advisor about your interest and get approval. Go over the appropriate steps to apply for the Study Abroad program.
  2. Decide on courses. Review course descriptions and sign up for courses. Please check course lists and course descriptions for your selected term in the FACULTY/ADVISORS area of this website for details and course requirements.
  3. Apply to programs. Choose from Short-term, Semester or Year Programs.

For all levels of Spanish proficiency, students must have a 2.50 GPA. All students must take a Spanish language placement exam upon arrival in Salamanca. The exam will determine the language proficiency level of each student, as well as the courses in which the student is eligible to enroll.

Sample Short-Term Abroad Itinerary

To view a sample itinerary of our short-term study abroad program, please click here.

Course Selections

  1. Mandatory course for all: (Course is given from 9AM to 11AM)
    • Spanish Language
  2. Choose* from the following:
    • Option 1: (Courses are given from 11AM to 12PM)
      • Conversation & Composition
      • Spanish History
      • Women in Spanish History
    • Option 2: (Courses are given from 12PM to 1PM)
      • Spanish Culture
      • Spanish & Latin American Literature
      • Oral Skills Practice
      • Arab Culture in Spanish World
    • Option 3: (Courses are given from 1PM to 2PM)
      • Spanish Art
      • Business Spanish
      • Spanish & Latin American Cinema
      • Written Skills Practice

*Note: The Cost Saver Program allows for a total of 3 (three) courses per day, and the Total Program allows for a total choice of 4 (four) courses per day. A minimum of 2 (two) is required in either program.

Prior to Booking any Flights, Please Note:

Please see IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON TRANSPORTATION in application contract before booking any flights.

We understand that you may be eager to find flights once you have enrolled in the program however we urge you to follow the guidelines provided below to ensure that you receive the full benefits of your chosen T&E program:

  • Do not book flights prior to receiving official acceptance letter and official program start dates from T&E (see below)
  • Avoid flights that arrive in Madrid later than 10am Madrid time (Spain is 6/9 hours ahead)
  • Do not book flights that depart Madrid before 1pm Madrid time

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